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All the tools you need to create and share recipes

Easy to use interface.

Rate, comment, print, edit recipes, and create a shopping list easily.

Share recipes on Facebook.

See an interesting recipe that you want to share with your Facebook friends? Easy! Click on the Facebook share button on the recipe page and tell the world.

Include recipes in your recipe book.

See an interesting recipe that you want to try out? Add it to your recipe book and include it in meals along with recipes that you've created.

Tag recipes.

Tag recipes to organize and improve search results. While you can view other's tags, only you can delete your own tags.

Explore recipes using tags.

The tag cloud displays popular tags sized by number of occurences. Find recipes by clicking on the tags; delete tags to modify your search.

Control who can view your recipes.

Set permissions while creating your recipe. Make recipes viewable by all, only by your friends, or only by you.

Create and edit recipes with ease

Our intuitive editor makes recipe creation and editing easy. Add ingredient and preparation sections to organize your recipe the way you want.

Bookmark external links

Collect links to recipes you find. You can add these bookmarks into your meal plans.